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This is a virtual place filled with projects, ideas, thoughts and lots of code... If you are here it's due to your research of something... you have already tried a lot of different softwares but none of them satisfies you completely.... you need something different, you don't need a solution, you are looking for YOUR solution.... good news: this is the place you were looking for!

Together we will realize that idea, yes, just that one, the only one which is EXACTLY what you are looking for: YOUR personal software.


Are you ready to exit the maze?

Our Services

Software Development

Our aim/objective is to develop and deliver the perfect solution for our Customers. To do so, we first listen to them carefully, to understand what their idea or needs are, and then finally we build and develop our product.

Software integration

A software is not usually made to share data with others. We create “bridges”, able to activate this functionality.

Android app development

We love that tiny little robot… and are incredibly happy and proud each time we can improve its store adding a new, amazing APP

ios app development

Ladies and gentlemen, here comes ... IOS! It's always a pleasure to write software for the most elegant store in the world...

User interface

We spend a lot of time (and brew litres of coffee!) studying the smartest user interface to implement our software programmes, in order to enhance customer experience.

customer in the center

Every project we develop has the same purpouse: customer satisfaction. We love our job, which was born out of our passion for excellence and a specific domain experience: every software we create has to be perfect and satisfy our customer’s needs and expectations. And our Customer’s satisfaction is the main achievement we pursue.

Some facts about us

Problems encountered
Problems solved
Liters of coffee drank solving problems
Percentage of happy customers

We focus on our skills.

We know our core strengths, stick to our guns and hone our skills. Most Importantly, we stay focused.

A message from our CEO

It doesn't exist a problem which can't be solved with a cup of coffee (it's just a matter of how many cups of coffee you have to drink before finding the solution)