About us

The Dedalus project started in 2004 from the idea of two friends who wanted to "do something" with their skills in software development and IT services.
Both of them were employed in a different type of business company, so they couldn't express their potential, making a ugly job... every day ... every month ... every year, watching through a window the digital world growing day by day, perceiving the incoming changes ot times without the possibility to be part of them...until...

Until the day they decided to change their ideas, to follow their dreams and to become actors of the new incoming era, the digital revolution, and Dedalus come to reality.

Today we are a dynamic, enthusiastic, skilled company, built by dynamic, enthusiast, skilled guys who don't fear the hard work and consider every new task as a challenge to win.
We seek perfection and don't accept anything less, our software must be developed exactly as it has been projected, perfect in every functionality, it must fully satisfy our customer or will never been released.

This is our mission, our way to be: coding for passion, it has been so for ten years, it will be so for many other years..